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"I started Gratitude to create an atmosphere of positivity where people can feel better, laugh a little, and smile more. Our products strive to inspire, motivate, and help people remember how truly blessed we all are."
- Sally | Thankful Owner of Gratitude
Too Much Fun!
(Ok...Maybe just enough!)
We have thousands of items in our store! I have fun visiting with & assisting customers, ordering unique and inspiring merchandise, and refilling our Bubble-machine, what I don't love is trying to run my own tiny version of Amazon, if you saw something on your last trip, or see something here on our website feel free to call and ask about prices and availablity! We get new stock all the time, so if you're in the area the best way to browse our unique selections is to come say hi! I do often post pics of new offerings on social media, I invite you to visit our pages to see what's new, if something grabs you call me! I'll be delighted to ship it to you if you're not on the island!
Live every minute with Love in your heart, Grace in your step and Gratitude in your Soul
We've got it!
Fridge Magnets, Inspirational Decor, Art both Silly and Sublime! Our tiny shop is full to the rafters with one of a kind gifts and mementos.
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